My Story

Hi, I’m Narinder Kaur…

A Woman With a Voice

“A strong woman feels deeply and loves fiercely. Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter. She is both soft and powerful. She is both practical and spiritual. A strong woman in her essence is a gift to the world”.

Read my story, I am sure it will touch your heart. How a Woman can become fearless and limitless with her 100% Special Child.

My Story: From Ashes to Rebirth

I was born and brought up in a happy, lively family. My parents are Ex. Railway officers since birth. I have been raised like an independent girl, I studied at Kendriya Vidyalaya School and topped in my school time. I always participated in all the extracurricular activities, sports, and won many awards. I was always ready to take up challenges in my life. I travelled in the local train from 6th Class all alone, as there was no bus service available on my route from the school. My school principal and my teachers were proud of me for being an all-rounder. I prepared for the IAS exams as well. My college days were also very good. My dad always encouraged me to do all the things, so I pursued architecture, MA in Political Science, MBA in Marketing, PG Diploma in HR Management, IATA UFTAA. I lived a stress-free and healthy life those 25 years being a dedicated girl towards my carrier, health, and family.

Life took me through enriching experiences as I was working professionally as an AGM-Corporate in one of the best Pharma companies.

I got married to what seemed a normal well-settled family. I did not have the slightest hint of how my marriage would be turned upside side down. My dreams of being happily married would come crashing down, as it turned out to be an abusive marriage with a lot of doubts, domestic violence, toxicity, rigidness, closed environment, rigid nature.

I became a victim of rigid family rules where the woman had no voice and was not valued at all. I came from a completely different background where I had the authority to speak, to express my feelings, to share what was going on in my mind and heart, to live every emotion. As days went by, things became cold, and I was not accepted.

No behaviour and action of mine were ever appreciated. I was only made to feel like a total good for nothing. I always felt that my existence did not matter. I used to be called a failure in life, that I don’t know anything in life, I cannot work properly, I cannot handle home. Although I was a full-time professional worker at home as well after coming back from the office as well, I was mentally traumatized. There were blame games and a systematic breakdown of my mental strength began.

Being an Indian woman who was brought up traditionally, I accepted this as a part of marital adjustment. Domestic violence, mental harassment, mental traumas, blame games, went for years. I came back many times to my parents’ house, and again went back after 1-2 months, but the courage was not there to take the step. Over the years 2 children were born. My elder son was brain-washed completely and was turned against me.

My second child, a girl, was born with cerebral palsy (intraventricular brain haemorrhage). The doctors handed me a certificate saying that she cannot recover ever. This shook me up and I went into depression, suffered severe hormonal imbalances, alongside mental trauma. My weight increased to 90kgs due to an imbalance in hormones. Doctors strictly told me to join the gym and lose weight, and due to home restrictions, I was not allowed to go to a gym to lose weight. I got an umbilical hernia, got operated again, and a permanent mesh of 15cm-15cm in my stomach was implanted.

Yet I had to handle my daughter all by me, as no support or empathy came my way. Instead, the taunts and blames continued, and I was blamed even for the medical condition of my daughter, that I had been careless in my pregnancy. I had many sleepless nights and some nights my sleep ended in nightmares as my daughter suffered from seizures in her sleep.

The frustration, resentment, anger built up beyond endurance. I went through this hell for 15 years of my life. Mental harassment and abuse further increased, and my body succumbed.

I broke out into severe chickenpox both internally and externally, I was hospitalized by my parents for 6 days, I remained unconscious, fighting between life and death at the age of 40. When I saw myself in the mirror, I was scared. I could not face myself with scars and big bruises on my body. On the 6th day when I was in the hospital bed recouping…


I mustered all the courage, strength and strong willpower and belief in God. I decided not to go back to the toxic relationship never in my life. I took a firm decision to stand up for my dignity and honour. I decided to take charge of my life and reclaim my life. I vowed not to suffer anymore. I left the house that I had made home and began my new life full of challenges. I started pushing my boundaries, overcame everything that came in my way or that stopped me from getting my own identity and self-respect.

I worked, I joined the gym, I meditated, did everything to heal myself both internally and externally and transformed myself.

I moved to a rented house with my daughter, I have named this home GURU KRIPA, which means Divine Blessings. My little angel, my daughter Prabhjot Kaur, and I are living a life of peace and happiness. My parents offered all their support and are the real strength in my life.

Instead of sitting, crying, and complaining, I travelled around to know myself, to be with me and my soul. I began to start a new life, to love my life and started taking training, fitness programs, events, Zumba sessions, made a lot of sketches and paintings.

I went abroad and did my Certification as a Transformational Life Coach from International Coach Federation, USA. I transformed myself completely. I took sessions with a lot of women, educated them. I challenged myself to stand in the Mrs. India Contest and won the title of Mrs. Hot Model, India World, 2020.

Today I am an Author, Founder, and Creator of PHT—Phoenix Healing Therapy, Transformational Life Coach, Hot Model India, World 2020, Pranic Healer, Motivational Speaker, Host of The Narinder Kaur Show, NLP Practitioner, National President at WICCI, Guest Speaker on multiple platforms, International Achiever’s Award Winner in Women Empowerment to Stop Domestic Violence, Women Achiever’s Award Winner-2021 from Atmanirbhar Bharat in Contribution to Professional Achievement and Nation Building, Women Power Influencer-2021 from Billenium Divas in association with Bombay Stock Exchange, Fitness Enthusiast, Traveler, Trekker, Explorer, Foodie, and paint in my free time.

Finally, I am living the life of my dreams with a lot of gratitude, inner peace, kindness, patience, bliss, self-love, goodness and happiness. Today I feel so empowered and strong enough to reach out and stretch my hand to my fellow sisters who might be going through the same traumas.

I feel that I can be a Role Model and an Inspiration for these Women to Claim their Life back too and REDISCOVER THEMSELVES. I shared my authentic vulnerability, the dark secrets of my life on this platform, so that it inspires you, not to compromise on your values, identity, dignity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-love.

PURPOSE: Why am I here?

I have found my ‘why’!!! I am the voice of women who are suffering from indignity, rejection, disrespect, toxic dependence, domestic violence, and abusive relationships.

I am here to help them find their grit that will mold them to be victorious and gain self-confidence and self-esteem.

MISSION: My contribution

To be the lighthouse for women by transforming their lives from victim to victory by building a healthy self-esteem with dignity and self-worth.

VISION: What’s next?

To open a Specialized Wellness Centre for Women and help them to live life with dignity, self-esteem, and self-worth.

I am on a Mission; my daily prayer to God is to give me enough strength to support and uplift Women, who need my Support.